The Lore According To Abi

Seriously, we’re going to do this blog thing again, woman?

I know, I know, I said I’d never do it again but I think enough time has passed for the furor of my last foray in blogging to have died down, right? So here I am, that’s me casting some serious side-eye in the collage above, which pretty accurately depicts the key elements of life at present – the side-eye and the gathered content of the collage. Minus a truckload of bewilderment, a bit of heartbreak, and a complete lack of direction for the future. I am in flux. I have more questions than answers, and more ill-advised experiments than solutions, so why not choose this moment to go public and shine a spotlight on my inevitable epic fails? I might at some point, rename this blog, “Stupid Sh*t I Have Done.” Only I’m not in this alone, I’m actually a homeschooling mum of one kiddo who is a science experiment all of her own, and I like company in my chaos. And as some of this mayhem will inevitably suck those who surround me into the ooze, and involve other people’s children from time to time, I should at least try to fake some respectability. 

If train wrecks are your thing, climb aboard because I’m at the point of trying to figure out what life should look like for me as everything changes over here, and it’ll probably get messy. And if nothing else you can roll your eyes and feel better about your own life choices.

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